Lara Framework

Brief background

Lara is a multithreaded, high performance, general purpose, cross platform networking solution developed by Larali studios. The Framework is integrated with a robust binary serialization system and general-purpose authentication/authorization, file sharing, cloud storage and messaging capabilities. Lara framework simplifies networking through the utilization of high performance asynchronous APi-Calls, enabling developers to focus on their business logic without caring about the low-level details. Lara framework makes it also easy to build highly scalable systems through the ability to create multiple server instances.

Framework features:

1. Unlimited number of clients can connect to server simultaneously with minimal CPU impact.
2. Compact and lightweight binaries with no third-party dependencies.
3. The ability to send user-defined TCP and UDP packets.
4. The ability to use end-to-end encryption with packets that contain sensitive data
5. Integrated high performance binary serialization system that supports the most common types.
6. High performance server- and client-side API-System that enables developers to invoke methods and receive returned values in async style from both server side and client side.
7. The ability to forward a client to another server instance. The client can also go back to the old server instance on demand.
8. The integrated authentication system makes it easy to load user data from data source.
9. Integrated cloud storage system that allows users to store their files on the server.
10. Integrated file-sharing system that enables users to share files from their devices directly without saving a copy on the server.
11. The easy Integration of Lara Framework with game engines that supports C# libraries like Unity and Godot, makes it very suitable for online gaming.
12. Dedicated sockets for media streaming using TCP protocol for high quality audio and video streaming.
13. Full time support from our team.

Framework structure:

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